Create a Job Post

You've connected your Google Sheet or Airtable and now want to create job posts.

Let's walk through the steps to build a job post from the data in your spreadsheet.

Match your spreadsheet column names to job post fields

We pulled your data and column headers from your spreadsheet. With your help we can use it to create a job post as follows:

  • Title
  • Company
  • Image
  • Location
  • Categories
  • Link
  • Description
  • Posted date

For each input select the column name that contains the data best representing given input label.

e.g. - You have column named "JOB_TITLE". Simply select "JOB_TITLE" inside for the input labeled "Job title".

You can add column name for each requested field, or you can leave some of them empty if you're not sure yet or want to keep them empty.

Missing fields?

For performance issues we fetch only 20 records from Airtable to use when building your job posts. We collect these "fields" that are your column names from the data in your connected spreadsheet.

If there are multiple rows empty for a certain column, it can happen that this column name won't be offered in the list of all available field names.

e.g. - You spreadsheet has a column named "JOB_DESCRIPTION". 290 of 300 rows are empty for the "JOB_DESCRIPTION" column so the "JOB_DESCRIPTION" won't be available to choose from.

This is both to prevent incomplete data on your job board and caused by the data Airtable returns (in this case does not return) to us.

To prevent missing fields from occurring, try to keep your spreadsheet consistent.